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Kill Switch

Kill Switch (Emergency Shut Down)

€ 29,- exclusive of VAT and shipping

To be applied on all electrical vehicles

The picoamps Kill Switch reliably interrupts the ignition circuit of your vehicle in case of emergency. Ohter than in comparable products a magnetic switch is used, that will close in the presence of a sufficiantly strong magnetic field. The provided magnet may be fixed onto your wrist with a knurl or other appropriate means. If the magnet is placed on an appropriate fixing point (e.g. screw on the armature), the swith is closed and the vehicle ready to go. In the moment, when the magnet is pulled away from its fixing point, the motor will immediately be stopped.

The main advantage over conventional systems wich a key lock is the fact, that the magnetic kill switch works omni-directional. It can easily be pulled off in any direction without any risk to get stuck and thus obstruct the motor emergency shut down.

Easy to install: fix the Magnetic Kill Switch on the handle bar with two cable straps close to an appropriate magnetic fixing point (e.g. screw on the armature), connect the switch into the ignition circuit, finished!

NOTE: No general operating license available, yet.

Caution! The maximum switching power of the Kill Switch is 10 Watts and must not be exceeded at any time.

The maximum switching power is calculated as the product of maximum battery voltage and maximum current when switch is closed. If necessary, a suitable resistor has to be connected in series or the cabling has to be modified.

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Mapping Switch

Mapping Accessory for DMMAP/DMMAH or DMMOH

from € 24,- exclusive of VAT and shipping

The Mapping Accessory is available for the following Torque Control Modules:

  • DMMAP for ALLTRAX® controller with potentiometer throttle
  • DMMAH for ALLTRAX® controller with Hall-sensor throttle
  • DMMOH for OSET® controller with Hall-sensor throttle

With this additional Mapping Switch (to be mounted e.g. on the handle bar) the torque value in general and especially at low r.p.m. can be adapted in a wide range of values without effecting the top speed of the vehicle.

Thus, the Mapping Accessory greatly enhances the range of settings of your Torque Control Module. A simple switch doubles the number of possible settings, if continuous mapping range is applied, the number of possible settings is unlimited.

Easy to install: pull off throttle connector from Torque Control Module, connect Mapping Accessory with trottle and Torque Control Module, finished!

You may download a detailed product manual from our download page orfollowing this link Manual for Mapping Accessory. With our Modul Simulator the response to a full throttle input signal can be simulated with different mapping settings in combination with different settings of the picoamps Torque Control Module.

For details refer to our sales price list.
Continuous mapping range on request.

NOTE: No general operating license available, yet.

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